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St. John's Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Pastors Who have Served St. John's

Pastors From Immanuel Lutheran in Stirum who held services in the Oakes area:

  • 1890-1894: the Rev. George Groh
  • 1894-1898: the Rev. Peter Clausen
  • 1898-1904: the Rev. Herman A. Faedtke

Pastors Called to St. John's:

  • 1905-1907: the Rev. Karl Linse
  • 1907-1911: the Rev. Walter Stolper
  • 1912-1913: the Rev. K.J. Wulff
  • 1913-1915: the Rev. Karl Strasburg
  • 1915-1921: the Rev. Hartwig Dierks
  • 1921-1922: the Rev. Richard C. Jahn
  • 1923-1924: pastoral vacancy
  • 1925-1931: the Rev. William J.F. Zabel
  • 1931-1943: the Rev. Walter H. Landgraf
  • 1943-1952: the Rev. Allen Schuldheiss
  • 1953: pastoral vacancy
  • 1954-1965: the Rev. Harold V. Huber
  • 1965-1973: the Rev. Theodore Allwardt
  • 1974: pastoral vacancy
  • 1975-1982: the Rev. Robert Tassler
  • 1982-2015: the Rev. Patrick O'Brien
  • 2015-2016: the Rev. Jonathan Fisk
  • 2017-present: the Rev. Chris Brademeyer

A Brief History of St. John's

Coming Soon!

St. John's was founded in 1905 by faithful German immigrants to America. Since that time, the congregation has faithfully preached the Word of God in all its purity and has administered the holy Sacraments according to Christ's institution. The following is a brief overview of the congregation's history.